Platform action movie Crossbow Crusade released on consoles

Independent studio HugePixel, known for Dead Dust and Lord Of The Click, released their new project, adventure platform action film Crossbow Crusade, on Steam on April 30. And now the game is already available on consoles. In Crossbow Crusade we have the role of a monster hunter, who has to survive among hundreds of monsters.

The Dead Kingdom is full of ghouls, vampires and other bloodsuckers, and all of them are not averse to people. And to contrast them the hero in a flattened cloak can only his faithful crossbow.

Players prepared a gloomy setting, stylish art in the spirit of the 1990s, simple control and complex gameplay with decent awards. The game is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and through backwards compatibility โ€” on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.

The price is small: 449 rubles on Switch, 359 on PlayStation and $5 on Xbox. More on Gambling Role Simulator Farmers Fairy Tale released on Steam Red DualSense is more expensive than black – in Russia will start pre-orders New games on Warhammer will present on June 3 & mdash; first details of the show.