Platform puzzle Seed of Life is released on August 11

Italian publishing house Leonardo Interactive and studio Madlight named the release date for the futuristic third-person platform puzzle Seed of Life. The game will be released on Steam on August 11. The game takes place on the dying planet Lumia, in a partially open world populated by fantastic creatures.

The main character, Cora, embarks on a long and dangerous journey: she hopes to find and activate the Seed of Life to save her world from alien invasion. Players are promised graphics of the highest qualities in a unique artistic style, a dramatic story replete with mysteries, and a beautiful vast world.

We have to learn new abilities for the heroine, finding capsules with mascots, assembling lumium to improve them, and overcome various challenges. More on Monster Harvests Iromania postponed until August 31 Open Roads Creative Director left office after allegations of toxicity In Chernobylite can escape the Zone at the very beginning games.