Platform puzzle To Leave comes to Nintendo Switch and Xbox

In 2018, Ecuadorian studio Freaky Creations released its debut work, the story adventure To Leave. The game, which was compared to Child Of Light, Gris, Limbo, Spiritfarer and Omori, has collected good reviews on PC and PlayStation. And now the developers have announced a new release.

To Leave will appear on Nintendo Switch and Xbox on September 9. Reddeer.

games is responsible for this release. The main character of To Leave is a teenager Harm, suffering from manic-depressive psychosis.

After the tragic events, he stopped receiving guests and leaving the house. But then he came up with a door to a magical world, with which he is looking for the keys to salvation.

Players will find 80 levels with hand-drawn backgrounds, an emotional plot, unique travel mechanics and a great soundtrack. Developers dedicate this release to Estefano Patricio Palacios Topic, founder of Freaky Creations, Ecuadors first game studio.

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