Platje doesnt want to exchange Indonesia for the Netherlands: Dive my pool

Melvin Platje is completely in place in Indonesia. The attacker, who was rented to De Graafschap for six months last season, made the move from Bali United to Bhayangkara. That club is currently at the forefront and so Platje is happy about it.
The striker is worn on hand in Indonesia and wanted to stay. โ€œCan I add a cluppie to my resume again,โ€ Platje responds to Voetbal International. โ€œThere was also interest from some Kitchen Champion Division clubs, but for me it was much more attractive to stay here.โ€
Platje likes it very well. The fact that the facilities in Indonesia are a lot less does not bother him. โ€œYou change yourself on the floor. After training, I book it back home on my scooter. Thats where I dive into my pool. There is also no fitness training or anything at all, you have to do that yourself. In that regard, it is not comparable to the Netherlands, where every club has a nice accommodation.โ€
The attacker from Naarden signed for four months and lives at the moment. He does not rule out a return to the Netherlands either. โ€œI also have a house in the Netherlands that I rent out. I did tell those people that they have to get out in three months. If there is a Dutch club, I have to be prepared.โ€