Playboy model seeks largest bunny in the world

Former model and rabbit breeder Annette Edwards is forced to give a thousand euros for the person who brings back her pet, holder of a world record.

The German giant, a special breed, was stolen from the home of the British Edwards this weekend. โ€œA very sad dayโ€, she lets know. โ€œThe police are doing their best.โ€

Rabbit Darius holds the Guinness World Record with a length of 129 centimeters.

The 68-year-old Edwards is a former model and mother of ten children. She probably became even more famous for her work with rabbits. No less than four of her animals have been record holders, giving the meaning of ‘Playboy’ a completely new twist.

Presumably there will be a fifth: Darius was at the end of his Latin, but his children, Lewis and Daisy May, are already a metre long and will probably soon pass the old buck.

Still, Edwards hopes for good tipsters. She‘s devastated by loss. Police say it’s looking for more information about the alleged theft.