Player comments daily on trailer of The Elder Scrolls VI

About three years ago, in June 2018, Bethesda released the first and so far only video of the upcoming heiress Skyrim, the game The Elder Scrolls VI. Many over the past time have already managed to forget about the teaser. But this does not apply to the user under the nickname Monsieur Dupond.

The most devoted fan of the game on March 9, 2019 decided to leave one comment per day under a single trailer. All of them are covered by one pattern: start with a sequence number.

Thanks to this, we know that the player started his mission 714 days ago. And very soon she will be two years old.

During this time, he missed only four days. The example of Monsieur Dupond has already begun to follow and others, but their performance is much more modest.

And many are sure that in the coming The Elder Scrolls VI developers are simply obliged to add a character dedicated to the most patient fan. Over the past time Bethesda not only did not show anything new, but didnt even tell much about the future game.

Yet Monsieur Dupond is optimistic. Although Bethesda itself does not plan The Elder Scrolls VI earlier than 2024.

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