Player managed to reduce GTA Online downloads on PC to 69.4%

Despite the enormous popularity of Grand Theft Auto Online, it has enough technical problems, which over the years only get worse – for example, incredibly long downloads. This is especially true on PC, whereas on consoles โ€” especially on the PS5 and Xbox Series โ€” multiplayer loads quite quickly, mostly in a minute or two. On computers, many, this can take up to 6-10 minutes, although single mode – in a minute or two.

An enthusiast under the nickname T0ST wanted to deal with the reasons of the situation, who today published an article with his conclusions and told how to solve problems. In short, when downloading GTA Online begins to compare a 10-megabyte file with 63 thousand entries – it includes everything that can be bought in the game.

That is, the more fresh content in the game, the longer this check will take place. But this is only part of the problem, since after the test, the second parsing begins, when each element is checked for uniqueness.

In the end, if the enthusiast correctly counted, at each download there are approximately 2 billion record comparison operations going through โ€” and as T0ST notes, its almost completely useless, but takes an incredibly long time and loads the processor. The user also solved the problem by bypassing processes at boot time โ€” now instead of checking 63 thousand items, the game checks only one record, which incredibly speeds up the download.

Instead of 6 minutes, GTA Online now loads in about 1 minute 50 seconds. In its material T0ST left an appeal to Rockstar in the hope that the studio will pay attention to the recording and solve the problem itself – according to the enthusiasm, it will take only one day programmer.

However, those who want right now can install the necessary files to speed up downloads, but the game can count this as a modification of files (so it is), for which they attract a ban in GTA Online. More on Gambling Authors Rust presented a new trailer of the console version of the game The Chinese joked that they were able to adapt PS5 to mining Fragments of Duck gameplay Elden Ring began emerge.