Player Report: Vindahl blunderes despite quiet evening, AZ doesnt impress

AZ has visited the Czech Republic with the 1-1 draw what it came for. It wasn‘t special against a fiercely playing Jablonec, but after an early flater by Peter Vindahl, it still managed to secure the group win.
Peter Vindahl โ€” 5: Must make Marco forget Bizot in Alkmaar, but he can’
t do that for the time being. Went wrong with Jablonec‘s 1-0. It looked like he thought Kratochvรญl’s header would go over the bar, but that was not the case. Got virtually nothing to do after 1-0.
Aslak Fonn Witry โ€” 6: A decent performance by the right back, which was allowed to perform instead of Sugawara. Attacking not much brought, but also hardly to catch errors in the back.
Pantelis Hatzidiakos โ€” 6: Had a fairly quiet evening and did his job properly after Jablonec‘s opening goal.
Bruno Martins Indi โ€” 6: We can be long and short about it, but also for Bruno Martins Indi it was a quiet match after the first hit. Moved well towards half of Jablonec a number of times.
Owen Wijndal โ€” 6: The AZ captain clearly irritated himself with the annoying game of the Czech opponent. Was dealt with viciously several times and in the second half he had to collect a nasty offense. Defensively, he remained simply standing.
Fredrik Midtsjรถ โ€” 6.5: Brought the peace to the AZ midfield. Soon saw colleagues De Wit and Clasie take yellow, but de Noor was barely caught mistakes. Very solid.
Jordy Clasie โ€” 6: After a somewhat sloppy initial phase, repacked well and did what he had to do in AZ midfield.
Dani de Wit โ€” 5.5: Got a quick yellow card and made a very irritated impression. It wasn’
t the midfielder‘s best match, who handed in the ball to an opponent far too often.
Hakon Evjen โ€” 6.5: When we don’
t count the somewhat unusual beginning, he did it properly. Picked his goal just before half time and brought AZ alongside Jablonec. Was kicked out of the game in the second half by Zeleny, who earned dark purple but got yellow.
Vangelis Pavlidis โ€” 6: Was somewhat unhappy in his assumptions, but played a very important role in Evjen‘s 1-1. Put the ball on a silver platter in front of his teammate. Worked hard.
Jesper Karlsson โ€” 6: Was the most dangerous in the AZ vanguard in the first half in terms of actions, just like the whole season. In the second act, he took things calmer and we didn’
t see him much anymore.
Raiders:Tijjani Reijnders โ€” 6: After 63 minutes of playing within the lines for Evjen, showed a number of times to decide on an excellent technique, but it stayed with that too.
Yuki Sugawara โ€” x: Played too short for a review.
Albert Gudmundsson โ€” x: Played too short for a review.
Zakaria Aboukhlal โ€” x: Played too short for a review.
Trainer: Pascal Jansen โ€” 6: Is struggling to really get AZ running this season. Made changes with Witry and Evjen and finally saw how his team did what it had to do. Due to the tie, the group win is in.