Players Dutch team blame Van Gaals utterment

Louis van Gaals statements about the players of the Dutch team are not good for everyone. Nordin Amrabat calls it unnecessary, but seems to understand it. Valentijn Driessen van De Cceit knows that players of Orange are not happy about it.
Van Gaal attended the closing training of the Orange Lionesses for the Olympic Games last week. He spoke to them encouraging, but also brought the gentlemen through the mud by calling them
a glorified bunch of stars. โ€œThe players got a lot over after the European Championships shutdown. You heard the most terrible things. De Ligt was still reasonably spared, but Memphis and Wijnaldum were addressedโ€, says Driessen at De Oranjezomer on Veronica.
โ€œVan Gaal knows that too. He knows the impact of his words and also knows that Memphis and Wijnaldum were not a big supporter of a third era under Van Gaal (for appointment Frank de Boer, ed.). I found it cheap and very low,โ€ says Driessen. โ€œThis was just throwing oil on the fire. It didnt take anything, because he wasnt for that. This is quite blamed by the boys, yes.โ€
โ€œThis didnt have to, but hes honest,โ€ says Amrabat. โ€œHe always gives his opinion and is not someone spawning players. Sometimes it hurts a little, but the truth hurts some times. You know what youre up to.โ€
Renรฉ van der Gijp doesn
t get it. โ€œHe wasnt for that, but to wish the ladies a fun Olympic Games. Then you shouldnt arrive with the Dutch team. What he said we all thought. Then its cheap scoring.โ€