Players unhappy with new ‘Leviathan’ addition for Europa Universalis IV

Paradox Interactive has released a long-awaited addition to Europa Universalis IV called โ€œLeviathanโ€, which is sold on Steam for 435 rubles. The release trailer is attached. However, reviews about it so far are mostly negative – almost 70% of players are dissatisfied with the addition.

They complain about new bugs, balance disorders and much more, calling the expansion simply undone. โ€œHaltura of clean water.

At the same time did this โ€œmiracleโ€ for almost a yearโ€ The addition is intended to add to the game new instruments of approval of power in the state, as well as new diplomatic actions and various economic innovations, improving the capabilities of colonies and regents. More on the Gambling Rockstar suddenly re-released Midnight Club: Los Angeles on Xbox media tried โ€œThe mercenariesโ€ from Resident Evil Village โ€” Heres What Say Guide CD Projekt Will Get $28M Award.