Players want Jonker to return shortly after exit: Dont understand departure

Telstar‘s selection has requested the club management to bring back Andries Jonker. The club’s former technical director and coach left after the last season, but Telstar players don‘t understand that.
Jonker left Telstar because he said he was up to a new challenge. The club from Velsen-Zuid has still not found a replacement and that’
s why captain Glynor Plet takes action. He sent a message to the club leadership, which is now going around on WhatsApp and is also in the hands of Voetbal International. ‘Until today, no trainer has been appointed and the names that sing around call questions and resistance here and there, ‘writes Plet.
‘This is also because the group neither understands nor supports the departure of Andries, ‘the striker continues. โ€œBecause it won‘t be easy for Telstar to find a good replacement, we’d like to share our opinion with you.โ€
According to Plet, there is โ€œno time to lose,โ€ because Jonker would be open to talking to Telstar again. After leaving the number nineteen of the Kitchen Champion Division, the coach has not found a new club.