Playing and scoring a lot for FC Groningen and going to the World Cup, thats the plan

Ricardo Pepi has clear intentions at FC Groningen. The nineteen-year-old attacker wants to secure a place in the United States World Cup selection at The Pride of the North.
Pepi is rented from Augsburg. In January, he moved from America to Germany and in Europe he became homesick. It was quite a tough time. A different country, different culture and a different competition. To be honest, it was a lot at the same time, he is open in conversation with Voetbal The rush hour asked the club management if a rental period was possible. My feeling said that I would only be able to adapt to the European way of playing football by playing a lot somewhere. In Germany, that was probably not going to happen yet.
One of the reasons for wanting to be rented out is the upcoming World Cup in Qatar. I really want to be there. The national coach has said that it is important that I play a lot. On Deadline Day, Pepi had received his transfer to Groningen. The intentions of all parties were clear, but it was exciting for me, you know that only something needs to be done and everything can change. The American knows what to do in the coming months. A lot of playing and scoring for FC Groningen and going to the World Cup. Thats the plan.