PlayStation publishes new trailer for VR-adventure Wanderer

Not long ago, independent New Zealand studios Oddboy and M-Theory announced an adventure game for Wanderer virtual reality devices. And now there is her new trailer: it is published on the PlayStation channel, because the game is released with the support of the company. In the new video, we are shown even more places and times for which to travel to Esher Neumann using the fantastic device Samuel.

We even see how it can be โ€œtweakedโ€: finding the mask of the inhabitant of that setting. And the goal of the whole journey is simple: to save the world.

Players will get to a variety of places of the Earth and even the Moon, visit ancient times, at the origins of civilization, and in the future, witness historical events like Woodstock, World War II or Apollo 11 mission . The first episode of Wanderer will be available on PS VR, Steam VR and Oculus in the third quarter of 2021.

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