Ploumen prefers to lead PvdA from the Chamber than as Deputy Prime Minister


Labour Party leader Lilianne Ploumen wants to lead her party after the elections as chairman of the group in the House of Representatives rather than as deputy Prime Minister in a new cabinet Rutte. That‘s what she said in the TV show WNL on Sunday.

Ploumen reiterated that she prefers to become Prime Minister herself, but in the polls the VVD led by Prime Minister Rutte is still well ahead of all other parties. Should the PvdA form a new cabinet with that party, Ploumen will choose to remain a member of parliament, she said on request.

Hearing PVDA sound

โ€œ You amused me a little with that question. But I don’t want to run away from it either. And I would say that I would rather be in the Chamber.โ€ She thinks that from the Chamber she can โ€œmake the Pvda sound very well heard, and then I have a lot of influence in the cabinet by the Labour Party Ministers who sit there.โ€

Under the VVD-PVDA cabinet Rutte II then PVDA leader Diederik Samsom also led the party from the House of Representatives. Lodewijk Asscher was in that cabinet on behalf of the PvdA Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Social Affairs.

Ploumen took over the baton from Asscher a few weeks ago as a leader. He left because of his role in the payment affair. She reiterated that her party is not going into a cabinet without the Green Left or the SP and that it only participates if the minimum wage is raised.