Pochettino does not think of comeback against Ajax for cracker: ‘Other dynamic’

Mauricio Pochettino does not want to compare the job Paris Saint-Germain stands for on Tuesday with the same kind of comeback he had to make as manager of Tottenham Hotspur against Ajax. PSG has to make up for 1-2 defeat against Manchester City, in order to make it to the Champions League final.
In 2019 Pochettino won Tottenham Ajax in the Champions League semi-finals. The further story is probably known: Ajax won the outward race with 0-1, but Tottenham saw the final in Amsterdam in an incredible way. When visiting Manchester, Pochettino will probably have to stunt with PSG in a similar way to make it to the Champions League final. Yet the Argentine does not want to compare the two situations. โ€œThat was two years ago and totally different. The dynamics will be different,โ€ he says at the press conference.
โ€œFirst of all, there are no fans. The experience is important in football, but because of the current reality it is completely differentโ€, says Pochettino, who expects his players to be motivated to make it to the final without fans. โ€œWe have a problem when our players or those of City need to be motivated to play a semi-final. We should have a good talk when that happens! The motivation is there, the players like to play on this stage and no one wants to be marbled outโ€, concludes Pochettino.
The kick-off of the squatter between Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain is on Tuesday evening at 21:00. The final winner of this diptych will compete against Real Madrid or Chelsea in the Champions League final.