“Pochettino drafts the best, who has a lot of confidence in Xavi Simons

Peter van der Veen is proud of Xavi Simons. The midfielder with the lush head of hair played at the base at Paris Saint-Germain last weekend and can also take action in the Champions League on Tuesday evening on behalf of the Parisians.
Van der Veen worked as a national coach of Orange under 15 with Simons and sees how his former pupil manifests between the stars of PSG. They give him the ball, he notes in conversation with De Cceit. That means they accept him and that hes good. Otherwise, it will be skipped, its that simple.
It doesnt surprise the former youth coach. If you have so much talent and work lust and always play football with good players around you, then you develop quickly. Trust me, hes really not getting drawn up at PSG because of that cute head. Mauricio Pochettino is not sitting there to bring young players, but to win matches. Its just setting up the eleven best, especially against Stade Rennais. He is very confident in Xavi.
Most football enthusiasts like to see Simons play football because of his fine technique. Van der Veen prefers to address his mentality. Otherwise, he will not be able to hold his own in the environment where he is now. His talent and insight protect him on the field. But his mentality makes him survive, that he gets where he wants to be.