Podcast The Day: about campaign discomfort and leaning with politicians

The time has come for election commercials – whether or not in the form of flattering interviews of politicians on radio, TV or in the newspaper. Either way, the electoral recess has begun and politicians are in campaign stand.

Flying on the market or passing the doors is not there this year, so it is even more than usual to look for alternative ways to reach the voter. Campaign teams slap and call editors to get their political faces into programs, and a lot of money is put into online ads. But both the form and the content of the campaign breathe discomfort this year. Coronavirus dominates everything, but campaigning over a pandemic is complicated.

Political reporter Marloes Lemsom of EenVandaag tells in podcast De Dag about the struggle of politicians and their campaign teams in the run-up to the elections. The campaign starts remarkably late anyway, says Lemsom, and there is a strong focus on online. This gives voters very focused, but also more limited, information about political parties. What does that mean for their choice at the ballot box?

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