Podcast The Day: The Impact of Death Threats on Politicians

Politicians usually cannot or do not want to talk about threats, for security reasons or because they dont want to give them extra oxygen. Last week, D66 leader Sigrid Kaag talked about the impact of death threats on her life during a lawsuit and asked attention to this growing problem for politicians and public figures.

In podcast De Dag a frank conversation with Rita Verdonk, who, as Minister for Foreign Affairs and Integration, was seriously threatened from 2003 onwards. The impact has been so big that her family can never go back into politics, she says. โ€œThere was a veto on my political career. They said: we are not going to experience this again.โ€

One of her security guards, Rico Briedjal, also looks back on that period with double feelings. He thought it was an honorable and special period, but afterwards felt the impact of the responsibility that rested on his shoulders.

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