Podcast The Day: the impossible position of Mike Pence

During the storming of the Capitol last week, some of the furious crowd of Trump supporters were looking for Vice President Pence. โ€œTie Mike Pence โ€œthey cried because he didn‘t want to invalidate the results of the election during the ratification ceremony with his own hands. Treason, in their eyes. For the past four years, Pence has been the silent, consenting man behind Trump. It was only at the very last moment that he resisted, because he really had no other choice. What consequences does that have for him?

Politicologist and American expert Raymond Mens tells in podcast De Dag what pressure is currently being exerted on Pence and what is expected of him. According to Mens, Pence has fulfilled his role as Vice President and second man under Trump for the past four years, but a political chess game is now underway at the highest level. He also plays that game cleverly, although the question remains whether he will fall between shore and ship, or perhaps still pave the way for his own throw to the presidency in 2024.

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