Podcast The Day: The Women Who Stand Up Against The Taliban

Unauthorized demonstrations have been banned in Afghanistan since this weekend. Yet women who take to the streets to demonstrate for their rights do not intend to stop. Journalists are also trying to keep doing their job. In podcast De Dag their stories.

Niloufar is director of an Afghan television channel and she tells for the first time under her real name how she directs a group of journalists in Kabul from the Netherlands to report on the protests, and how the Taliban acts against it. Women and journalists have less freedom of movement and violence is on the rise, she says.

Correspondent Aletta Andrรฉ also learns that of the women she is in contact with, from her place of India. She spoke, among other things, 30-year-old PhD student Farah. She knows how dangerous it is to speak out, but she is determined to keep doing so anyway. โ€œIf we don‘t let our voice be heard now, what do we tell our children later?โ€

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