Podcast The Day: what can be done? About corona experiments at home and abroad

In the Netherlands and abroad all kinds of tests are done to see how larger groups of people can come together, while corona is still out there. Now that we have been hearing what is not allowed for almost a year, the cry for what can be done is getting louder.

And if you consider that according to scientists, the coronavirus has certainly not disappeared in the coming years, even if the vaccinations are getting along, then it is not a superfluous luxury to think about ways of organising – controlled – more organized. This is of great importance both for the economy and for our mental health.

What corona experiments have been carried out at home and abroad, and what have they resulted in? Riemer Rijpkema of Fieldlab Events tells about it in podcast De Dag.

Fieldlab, together with researchers and scientists, organizes seven pilot events in the Netherlands these weeks. Abroad is watching, because nowhere else in the world tests are carried out on this scale.

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