Podcast The Day: why violence against women in Turkey is increasing

In Turkey, a lawsuit is being conducted which has a great deal of interest both within the country itself and beyond. The trial is about a woman who shot her husband. In self-defense, she says herself, because he‘s been abusing her for years, and after a terrible night of violence said he’d come back to kill her and their children. She‘s on trial for murder and can get 24 years in jail. According to the prosecution, she could have asked for help earlier.

Turkey-correspondent Mitra Nazar tells in podcast De Dag how this lawsuit reveals a problem that is politically sensitive in Turkey and which has been a lot of attention lately: the increasing violence against women, the increasing number of murders of women and the lack of protection by police, justice and politics. It leads to a heated debate, especially now that Turkey has left the Istanbul Convention, a human rights treaty to combat violence against women. One of the causes that violence increases is crude, says Nazar. In part, it has to do with the fact that women stand up for themselves more often.

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