Podcast The Mood: Almost Vacation, But Not for Hugo the Jonge

Before the summer holiday really starts at the Binnenhof there is one last vote. What went wrong at that last coronaper conference held by Rutte and De Jonge and were their apologies felt a few days later?

Anyway, theres a vacation for Minister De Jonge for the time being, says Xander van der Wulp, in the coming weeks there will be a corona consultation every week on Monday. And Rutte, when he goes on vacation, goes on short trips alone.

Vullings and Van der Wulp are also discussing the Commission spies report on the election loss of the CDA. Because why is party leader Hoekstra so spared and the problem with Pieter Omtzigt is far from resolved? The reporters also consider the death of Peter R de Vries and the floods in Limburg.

And theres finally a real seasonal winner at The Prediction.

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