Poetic adventure The Lightbringer goes out on RS and Nintendo Switch

Polish studio Rock Square Thunder has announced their debut project, platform puzzle The Lightbringer. It is published by Zordix Publishing, and the game will be released on RS and Nintendo Switch. The Lightbringer – an old-fashioned adventure inspired by the early games of the Zelda series.

Developers wanted to convey in it an irrepressible craving to explore every corner of an unusual world full of secrets and dangers. The game world is amazed by spoilage, but the hero can save ancient monoliths, which gave the lands light and power.

And the spirit of his sister will help in this mission: she tried to make the same journey, but she did not cope. We will try to find her on the road.

It is not yet known when The Lightbringer will be released. More on Gamerania Anime Platformer Tasomachi: Behind the Twilight is released on April 14 E3 2021 will officially take place – the first details of the digital exhibition and its participants Erica will be released on PC in late May.