Pogba denies French riot, but new images Mbappé do not help his case

Paul Pogba tries to appease the alleged riot between Kylian Mbappé and Olivier Giroud. The midfielder of France has, according to his own words, received nothing of tension between the two attackers.
The only tension we have is on our backs and on our legs. The physiotheraeuts are there to massage us and remove that tension, laughs Pogba at a press moment quoted by L‘Équipe. Nothing’s going on. The atmosphere has always been excellent. To get to the heart of the matter, I assume we are talking about the situation between Olivier and Kyky. There‘s nothing going on at all. Not that I know anyway.
What has been said may have been misconveyed, continues the Manchester United player. I did not see or feel anything, I do not feel any tension. Really, there’
s laughing, there‘s music and there’s massaging. The French still have a few days to close the lines: on Tuesday Les Bleus will play their first EK match against Germany.
Mbappé was reportedly not happy with statements by Giroud, who complained that he was barely played. The star spler of Paris Saint-Germain felt personally attacked and wanted to make a statement. This was prevented by national coach Didier Deschamps, but the extremely cool reaction of Mbappé to a goal of Giroud was significant according to French media.
Also on Thursday, images of Mbappé will be circulating on social media. The fast-paced attacker would say in the background that he is tired of the Inzaghi‘s, because they don’t add anything. This is seen as a string after Giroud, the same type of striker as Filippo Inzaghi.

Mbappé and distance: Y‘en a marre des Inzaghi Oui Kylian Y’EN A MARRE https://t.co/Vsm97D6fSA
— Winston.® (@Winston91) June 10, 2021