Poker Quest card buttler out in early access

Independent studio Playsaurus, known for the lazy RPG of Clicker Heroes, released to Steam‘s early access their new project. Poker Quest is an original card bagels that takes place in the world of knights, magicians, dragons and castles. In Poker Quest, we find ourselves in a fantasy world and go to battles in which maps help us and amplify by acting like dice in Dicey Dungeons.

A map of the procedurally generated world is created under the influence of Sly the Spire and features a lot of special game events. Players can choose both a simple casual mode and a real challenge by bagel laws.

You will also have to keep an eye on the card layup at your opponents, as surprises can negate any advantage. You can buy Poker Quest for 360 rubles.

There are few reviews for the game yet, but they are all positive. More on the Game Moon Blast, Death of Earth: Sphere Strategy Announced — Flying Cities The Last Video Store will allow you to visit the world’s last video rental item Cris Tales earned over 70% positive reviews.