Poland Government Leader Announces Changes Contested Disciplinary Chamber

The Polish government is going to make changes to the disputed disciplinary room. Thats what Jaroslaw Kaczynski, Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of Government Party PiS, says to the Polish news agency PAP.

โ€œWe are going to dissolve the discipline room in its current form,โ€ says Kaczynski.

The chamber established in 2017 may punish judges, but the independence and impartiality of the Chamber is contested. The Disciplinary Chamber is composed of judges selected by the National Judiciary Council, elected again by the PIS-dominated parliament.

Last year, the European Court of Justice ruled that the work of the Disciplinary Chamber should be suspended. That has not been responded so far.


Brussels had therefore set Poland an ultimatum: if no improvements were made to the Disciplinary Chamber before 16 August, the European Commission will try to impose fines through the European courts.

In eleven minutes, TCCEIT explains 3 what the Polean-EU conflict is all about:

According to Kaczynski, the reform of the Disciplinary Chamber has disappeared โ€œthe subject of the disputeโ€ with the EU. However, he stressed disagreeing with the ruling of the European Court of Justice. According to the Deputy Prime Minister, it is not up to Brussels to judge national affairs that the EU does not in its view have jurisdiction over.

In addition, the modifications to the disciplinary room were already planned, Kaczynski said. What theyre going to look like is not clear. The first proposals for reform should be on the table in September. There has not yet been a response from Brussels.


Earlier this week, the head of the Polish Supreme Court suspended the work of the Disciplinary Chamber in response to the European Commissions demand to improve the independence of the body. No new cases should be taken for the time being.

The regulation will apply until the Warsaw and Brussels legal conflict is resolved, with a deadline of 15 November.