Poland sends text to migrants at the border: ‘Go back to Minsk! ‘

The Polish authorities have sent tens of thousands of text messages to mobile phones in Belarus. In this way, Warsaw tries to discourage migrants who want to travel to Poland. โ€œThe Polish border is closed. The authorities in Belarus have told you lies. Go back to Minskโ€, it says in the text message.

Furthermore, the text message states that migrants are at risk of being locked up if they cross the border, because they are illegal migration. The text message added a link to websites explaining Arabic, English, Russian and French about Polish policy for illegal migrants.

In recent months, thousands of migrants from the Middle East have tried to enter the EU countries Poland, Latvia and Lithuania from Belarus. The Belarusian leader Lukashenko‘s regime leaves them unhindered in retaliation for EU sanctions. The three countries declared a state of emergency, installed fences and deployed the military.


The Polish authorities reported this week that they have stopped 8200 migrants trying to enter Poland since early August. Some 12,000 migrants managed to cross the border. They’ve been jailed. Polish customs announced that 473 migrants at the border were stopped on Tuesday alone.

Belarus was imposed numerous penal ties last year for the brutally knocking down of the country‘s protest movement. It came about the EU’s election victory stolen by President Aleksandr Lukashenko a year ago. Lukashenko hit back by bringing Iraqi migrants to his country and crossing the border with EU countries Lithuania, Poland and Latvia, among others. He also put an end to cooperation with the EU to combat illegal migration and return migrants who are not welcome in the Union.