Poldervaart angry at FC Groningen: Now Im suddenly the best assistant ever

FC Groningen demanded 100.000 euros for assistant trainer Adrie Poldervaart, while De Graafschap did not want to go beyond 30,000 euros, with a bonus if the club would promote. That reports RTV North. The deal seems to be folded: as it looks now, Poldervaart does not go to De Graafschap.
The Graafschap did not come out with technical director Mark-Jan Fledderus van Groningen, who thinks that the club has been realistic. โ€œIn my view, De Graafschap wants to sit in the front row for a dime. We don‘t have to play for Sinterklaas,โ€ he says to RTV Noord. โ€œAn assistant trainer is an important position within your club. A successor also costs money and we have to put together a new technical staff. I understand that Adrie is a part of this for a while, and of course I can.โ€
Poldervaart says that he understands the position of Groningen, but does raise his question marks. โ€œLet’
s not pretend that I‘m a determining player, or a well-scoring striker. We’re not talking about a head coach, we‘re talking about an assistant either.โ€
Poldervaart thinks that a deal with De Graafschap would radiate positively on Groningen. He wanted to work in Doetinchem and calls it ‘
a unique opportunity‘. โ€œSo I really hate it. Let’s just say I‘m not a teenager anymore either. I’m a man of 50 years. I‘ve had a lot of fun for two years, tried my best, really gave everything for this club. And now Groningen is going to get really hard and suddenly I’m the best assistant ever and they need me.โ€

FC does not let Poldervaart go to De Graafschap: ‘I bale like a plug’ https://t.co/fX0mYUx5Gl pic.twitter.com/jhz6iyjz0z
โ€” RTV Noord (@rtvnoord) June 7, 2021