Poldervaart may remain after a crisis discussion by club management De Graafschap

Adrie Poldervaart stays on as De Graafschap trainer. This is the result of a crisis discussion between trainer, club management and supervisory board.
According to Omroep Gelderland, Poldervaart still enjoys the trust of the leadership, despite the fact that De Graafschap has not won on its own Vijverberg for eight months. According to the Gelderlander, the players trust in Poldervaart is not excellent, but he still gets the chance to turn the tide.
โ€œBut if we have five points again in seven games, we are in a different stage,โ€ says technical manager Peter Bijvelds to Omroep Gelderland. โ€œIt
s about the result and thats definitely negative now. But I just notice that we want to solve this together. I have faith in Adrie, the rest of the staff and the players.โ€
โ€œI don
t detect a negative trend and I last too long not to feel it. To give you an example, the head coachs discussions are highly rated by the staff and players. I taste an enormous will in everyone. In fact, we have to be careful thats not going to be an obsession. I see a lot of support. This historically bad start is very annoying, especially since there was so much faith and trust beforehand. But things have to be better from now on, otherwise well have a problem.โ€