Police action in Rio de Janeiro ends in massacre

A police action in a slum of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil against a drug gang has resulted in a massacre. At least 25 people died, including a policeman. At least ten gang members would have been arrested.

The police invaded the Jacarezinho district with armored vehicles and accompanied by helicopters. There was a gunfight with gang members trying to flee over the rooftops of the houses.

Flying bullets ended up everywhere and hit a light rail train. Two passengers were slightly injured.

During the attack, three officers were injured, one of whom succumbed to his injuries. Among the deaths on the side of the drug criminals, according to the police, there are a number of leaders of the gang, who is de facto the service in Jacarezinho.

Never before were so many deaths in a police campaign against drug abuse in the city. The highest number so far, 19, fell in the Complexo do Alemão district in 2007.

Rio de Janeiro, like many other major cities in Brazil, has been struggling for decades with powerful drug gangs that determine what happens in the poor neighborhoods, the favelas.