Police Antwerp intercepts 11.5 tons of cocaine destined for the Netherlands

Last week the police in Belgium found 11.5 tonnes of pure cocaine in five small containers of scrap in a large shipping container from Guyana in the port of Antwerp. The cargo would have been ordered by a gang around a former Belgian police officer and had the Netherlands as its destination.

At the

beginning of last month, the Belgian Public Prosecutor announced that an international, well-organised criminal organization had been rolled up that shipped large batches of coke from South America to Belgium on a very regular basis.

More than twenty people were arrested, including the ex-policeman, a number of agents, a top man of a port authority and a member of a notorious Belgian criminal family, writes VRT Nieuws. Drugs were also confiscated.

Last week the ship arrived with the shipping container with drugs in the port of Zeebrugge. There the shipping container was transferred to an inland barge that sailed to Antwerp.

Thats where the police intervened. The final destination would be a company just across the border in the Netherlands. According to the Belgian OM, the wholesale value of the total 15 tonnes of cocaine seized during the investigation of the gang amounts to EUR 450 million. The street value would be double.