Police apologies for “fakenews-banner”

The police have made excuses for a banner with the TextCCEIT = FAKENIEUWS that hung in a police station in Gouda. According to the police, it was a banner that had been confiscated. This should not have been hanged. We apologize for that. This is not what we as police stand for, says the police on Twitter.

Police Chief Ruud van Es had tweeted a photo of a bunch of tulips that the corps had received from a citizen as a statement of support, but the banner was shown in the background. The tweet was quickly replaced by a photo of a bunch of tulips without a banner, but was still featured in a tweet by journalist Daniël Verlaan.

Text continues under the tweet.

Among the protesters against coronameasures are people who accuse the media of spreading fake news. Journalists reporting riots face threats and violence.