Police are looking for people who laid stones on the road near Wilnis: attempted manslaughter

Several motorists have seen stones lying on the N212 in the direction of Wilnis, in the polderland between Amsterdam and Utrecht. The car of one of them has suffered considerable damage, reports the police, who treat the cases as attempted manslaughter.

“Fortunately, there were no casualties, but this dangerous situation could have been much worse,” wrote the police.

In one case, on the night of August 30th, three large tiles lay in the middle of the road. Officers heading for the report saw a stone standing upright on the road and were able to stop just in time.


Friday evening a man tried to make an emergency stop when he saw something lying there. He didn’t succeed and he hit one or more tiles, which damaged his car considerably.

The police advise road users to be extra careful and ask people to report if they have seen any stones on the N212 or if they have any tips.