Police arrest influencer “that spray perfume into eyes puppy”

An American influencer known as Lovely Peaches was arrested last month for molesting her puppy to charm followers.

International media have reported that, after investigating Insider on the basis of court documents.

The controversial influencer Brittany Johnson (20) would have sprayed perfume into the eyes of her dog, grabbed the beast harshly by the neck and even broken the legs.

Videos in which her Jack Russell — six months old — injects an unknown substance into the face, circulating online. It also shows that Johnson kicks the animals and apparently tries to strangle them.

At first she told cops that the dog is nothing wrong, but during the interrogation she admitted to hurt the dog to get more followers, is described in court documents.

Last weekend Johnson published another video entitled Lovely Peaches Turning Cell in in which she is fulminating about her haters. And the thing about haters is: they say theyre not haters. But if youre not a hater, dont interfere with someone you dont know.