Police break up demonstration in Berlin, over 200 arrests

The police in Berlin put an end to a large demonstration against the corona-measures of the German government.

At least 200 people were arrested in front of the Russian embassy on Unter den Linden, where a grim atmosphere arose. In most other places the dreaded riots did not take place and demonstrators left without any problems.

In the centre of Berlin, according to the police this afternoon several tens of thousands of people had gathered for a demonstration and protest march.

The demonstrators did not abide by the coronavirus measures, such as keeping their distance and wearing a mouth cap.

In the video below you can see that the demonstrators did not comply with the corona rules, after which the police intervened:

After several warnings to comply with the coronavirus measures, the police decided to break up the demonstration. The demonstrators were summoned with loudspeakers to leave.

Not everyone responded. Hundreds of people sat down on the street and refused to leave. Near Unter den Linden a large group threw stones and bottles at the police. The police used pepper spray to put an end to it.

At the stations, the police checked for wearing mouth masks. Without mouth masks people were not allowed access to the metro and train stations.

<3,000 policemen were sent to the demonstration and water cannons were brought into position

The police took riots and violence into account because people on social media had called for weapons to be taken with them. There would also be right-wing extremists at the demonstration. According to Die Welt, between 2000 and 3000 right-wing extremists were present. Seven police officers were injured.

A few hundred right-wing extremists broke through a police cordon and walked up the steps of the Reichstag. There they threw bottles and stones. The police managed to remove them with pepper spray and get the situation under control.