Police break up demonstration in Berlin

The police in Berlin put an end to a demonstration against the coronavirus measures of the German government.

In the centre of Berlin, according to police estimates, at least 18,000 people had gathered for a demonstration and protest march. The demonstrators did not comply with the coronavirus measures, such as keeping their distance and wearing a mouth mask.

In the video below it can be seen that the demonstrators do not comply with the corona rules:

After several warnings to comply with the coronavirus measures, the police decided to break up the demonstration. This was communicated to the organisers of the protest, writes the police on Twitter. The demonstrators are also called upon to leave with loudspeakers.

Not everyone responds to this. Hundreds of people have sat down on the street and refused to leave. The police are trying to get them to leave. Near Unter den Linden a large group threw stones and bottles at the police. Two people have been arrested. Pepper spray was used.

At the stations, the police check for wearing mouth masks. Without mouth masks people are not allowed access to the metro and train stations.

Earlier the demonstration was forbidden by the city council, but yesterday a judge gave permission for the demonstration. The demonstrators had to abide by all kinds of rules, such as keeping a distance. But that did not happen.

Peaceful protest

The police took riots and violence into account because people on social media had called for weapons to be brought to the demonstration. There would also be right-wing extremists at the demonstration.

3000 police officers have been sent to the demonstration and water cannons have been brought into position.