Police can not laugh at car with dangerous cargo and doubles fine

The police issued a series of tickets in Amersfoort this morning to a motorist who carried thirteen full cylinders with nitrous oxide. Because the man then loaded and drove the cylinders again, the fine amount is doubled to 6450 euros. โ€œHe will now escape the laughterโ€, the police know on Facebook.

The possession of nitrous oxide is not prohibited. But those who transport nitrous oxide have to meet certain requirements. And there it went wrong, reports RTV Utrecht.

For example, the motorist could not show a transport document indicating the load (EUR 1600 fine), the load was loose (EUR 500) and the correct labels were missing on the cylinders (EUR 375). Also, the car was not ventilated and there were no warning stickers indicating that you are carrying a dangerous cargo (750 euros). The driver received a total of EUR 3225 in fines. Although the police pointed out to him that he had to leave the cylinders, he did not, and that was why he was doubled.