Police: Capitol secured, multiple arrests

Police have pushed back the crowd that stormed the Capitol on Wednesday. According to the head of security of the House of Representatives, the Sergeant at Arms, the building is safe again.

It is not known whether there are any supporters of future ex-President Donald Trump in the building. During the storming of the Parliament building, four deaths were killed on Wednesday, reports the Metropolitan Police. The police have made 52 arrests.

Furious Trump supporters

The protesters believe that election fraud has been committed and Trump has won the election.

The furious Trump supporters penetrated the Senate Hall and offices, and caused massive destruction. Shots were fired that killed a woman. Several other people, including a cop, were taken to a hospital with unknown injuries. Among other things, Vice President Mike Pence, prominent Senator Chuck Grassley, prominent Republican Kevin McCarthy and Nancy Pelosi, the President of the House of Representatives, were brought to safety.

Votes counting

The Senate and the House of Representatives continued to determine the election results, which was previously interrupted by the protesters. โ€œTo people who have made turmoil, you have not won. Violence never wins. Freedom wins,โ€ said the chairman of the meeting, Vice President Mike Pence.

The leader of the Republicans in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, called the invaders villains and accused them of an insurrection. The Democratic Group Chairman in the Senate Chuck Schumer says that โ€œthe demagogicalโ€ Trump is responsible for the attack on the building.

The supporters of President Trump in the Senate, who wanted to sabotage the election results on Wednesday afternoon, are currently discussing their next steps. The pressure on them to give up their opposition to the election results is building up. Republican Member of the House of Representatives Cathy McMorris Rodgers, a Trump faithful until Wednesday evening, has already said that she will not try to stop the outcome.

The votes of the Electoral College, which should have been ratified ceremoniously by Congress, have been saved from the crowd, wrote the Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley on Twitter. Delegates from both sides indicated earlier that it was important to have the count taken place. Wednesday it was announced that the Democrats will gain control both in the House and in the Senate.

Senate and House of Representatives reject first objection to the outcome

. After the US Senate, the House of Representatives has now rejected by a majority the objection of Trump‘s Republican allies to the election results in the state of Arizona. Of the Members, 303 voted in favour of rejecting the objection and 121 against.

Now that the House has also crossed the objection, the Senate and the House of Representatives can continue their joint session to determine the election results.

Arizona is one of the so-called swing states where the upcoming Democratic President Joe Biden won a majority in the November elections. A dozen Republican senators and a number of delegates from that party had previously announced that they were going to sabotage the election results on Wednesday. After the storming of the parliament building, a number of them decided to stop the resistance.

Video message

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Twitter that the events surrounding the Capitol Wednesday are a โ€œlogical consequence of stealing his election victory.โ€

After this message, Twitter deleted some of Trump’s tweets and blocked his account. Trump called on his supporters earlier in a video message to go home. โ€œI know your pain. I know you guys are hurt. We had an election that was stolen from us. It was a monstrous victory. And everyone knows that, especially the other side. But you need to go home now. We need peace,โ€ says Trump. He asked the protesters earlier via a Twitter message not to use force. โ€œWE are the party of order and authority.โ€

Joe Biden, calls the storming an โ€œattack on democracyโ€, a โ€œdark momentโ€ and a โ€œterrible displayโ€, carried out by โ€œa small group of extremists and focused on lawlessness.โ€ What a president says, does matter, Biden emphasises: โ€œAt best, words can inspire. At worst, words can sew up.โ€

A source near the White House has indicated that all the president‘s advisors have told Trump to intervene. โ€œHe didn’t want to do any more. Ifwe could throw him into the furious crowd, we would have.โ€

โ€œ United States demand the truth!โ€

Trump, who is in the Oval Office in the White House, used to oil the fire on Twitter by criticizing his own vice president, Mike Pence. He โ€œdid not have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our country and our constitution,โ€ said Trump. โ€œThe United States demand the truth!โ€, he added.

American vice president Mike Pence refused to sabotage the ceremony officially stating that Joe Biden is the winner of the November presidential election. Trump had previously called on his deputy to stop Biden‘s official profits.

This is what the president has caused

Republican politicians condemn the storming of the Capitol by supporters of their party companion. โ€œViolence and anarchy are unacceptable. We’re a land of laws. This must stop now,โ€ says Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas. Another Republican senator, Ron Johnson, says, โ€œPlease, if you‘re in or near the Capitol, respect law enforcement officers and break up peacefully.โ€

Other Republicans also speak shame of the storming. โ€œI condemn all forms of violence and intimidation. This is unacceptable,โ€ says Senator Steve Daines from Montana. McCarthy says he asked President Donald Trump to calm down protesters.

Republican senator Mitt Romney has made it clear that he holds President Donald Trump responsible for the chaos in the Capitol. โ€œThis is what caused the president today. This rebellion.โ€

Pompeo: โ€œUnacceptableโ€

Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State, has condemned the storming of the Capitol by supporters of his boss, President Donald Trump. Pompeo, who calls the storming โ€œunacceptableโ€, said shortly after the elections – possibly as a joke – that his ministry was preparing for a second term of office for Trump.

โ€œ Lawlessness and riots – here and around the world – is always unacceptable,โ€ Pompeo wrote on Twitter. โ€œBut violence, and risking other people’s safety, including those of those who need to keep us all safe, is not tolerable, both at home and abroad.โ€

In his tweet, Pompeo called for the Trump supporters, who have already been described by some American media as โ€œrebelsโ€ and โ€œterroristsโ€, to be brought to justice quickly. Pompeo called them โ€œcriminals.โ€


Democratic congressmen want to dismiss Republicans who have supported Trump in his claims about electoral fraud. Member of House of Representative Ilhan Omar says she‘s in the process of launching an impeachment against Trump, who’s been president for two weeks.

Democrat Cori Bush, also a Member of the House, says she is going to table a resolution to send away faithful supporters of Trump. โ€œThey have broken their oath.โ€ She didn‘t mention any names of congressmen on Twitter.

The governor of the U.S. state of Vermont, the Republican Phil Scott, wants US President Donald Trump to quit. If Trump doesn’t, he needs to be deposed by his cabinet or by the Senate and House of Representatives, Scott writes on Twitter. โ€œThis is a worrying time for our country. What we are seeing today is not a peaceful protest, it is an unacceptable attack on our democracy,โ€ says Scott. According to the governor, his party mate Trump is responsible for what happened: โ€œPresident Trump orchestrated a campaign to create an insurrection that reverses the outcome of a free, fair and legal election.โ€

Scott‘s been messed up with Trump for a long time. In the presidential election, the Republican governor voted for the Democrat Joe Biden.

National Guard

The National Guard was finally drummed to wipe out the Capitol. But not the president and supreme army leader Donald Trump, but Vice President Mike Pence called for the help of the National Guard in Washington DC. That’s what several employees from the Department of Defense and the White House say.

Normally, Trump as commander in chief should call the National Guard. But he didn‘t do that, after which Pence took that responsibility.

The states of Virginia and Maryland also sent the National Guard to the Capitol in Washington. In addition, the Washington DC National Guard is deployed. Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia sent 200 men at the request of the mayor of Washington Muriel Bowser. A government official reported that the Federal Police Service FBI has also been deployed to support the Capitol police in protecting โ€œfederal property.โ€

TheGovernor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, reported not much later on Twitter that National Guard troops are being sent to Washington from his state as well. He also has police officers from the state of Maryland travel to the capital to assist the police forces there.

The mayor has set up a curfew. People are not allowed out on the street until noon Thursday. For people with essential work, the measure does not apply. For example, journalists may continue to do their work.

Washington is not the only city where there is a demonstration. According to CNN, protesters also meet in Salem (Oregon), Atlanta (Georgia), Denver (Colorado), and Topeka (Kansas). There would be hundreds of people at the buildings. In Atlanta, according to The Washington Post, it was supposed to be militia members. In the other places, the protest would be peaceful.


Prime Minister Mark Rutte calls on US President Donald Trump to recognize the victory of his opponent Joe Biden in the presidential elections in November today.

The Prime Minister does so in a tweet following the storming of the Washington Parliament building by Trump’s supporters. Rutte speaks of โ€œhideous imagesโ€ from the American capital.