Police Capitol wants support from National Guard for two more months

Capitol police in Washington, D.C., have asked the National Guard to stay for two more months, reporting insiders in defense to American media. The term of the Guardists expires at the end of next week.

The National Guard was sent to the U.S. Parliament building during the storm on 6 January by supporters of the then President Trump. In the attack, five people were killed, including a policeman. At the moment, around 5000 members of the National Guard are deployed at the building. Thats almost double the number of people that the Capitol police have.

The Ministry of Defense presumably agrees with the request of the Capitol police, says an anonymous source of news agency Reuters.

Additional monitoring

Security of the US Parliament building has been further increased today following indications for a new storming. Among other things, the FBI reported yesterday that reports had been intercepted that members of extremist groups had planned to return to Washington. A scheduled session in the House of Representatives has also been deleted.

That those plans would have been made for today is not accidental. There are supporters of the conspiracy theory Qanon who believe that Trump is somehow inaugured on March 4 for a second term.

Among other things, Qanon supporters believe that Trump as president fought a secret battle against the deep state, an alleged global elite that would be out of world domination. Members of that club, according to these inventions, are guilty of satanic ritual abuse.