Police concerns about cross-standard behaviour police students

The police found in an internal investigation that the severity of cross-standard conduct among police students is increasing.

An example of this is viewing secret information. During their training, students will be taught how to work with MEOS, an app that allows agents on the streets to access all kinds of confidential information about citizens. That doesn‘t always go well.

โ€œThe accessible access to police data via the application MEOS on the service phone in many cases creates the temptation,โ€ the researchers determine. They saw that students have passed on information from police systems to third parties or used it for private purposes.

Practice databases

According to the Police Academy, measures have recently been taken against this. Students will only get access to information systems at a later point in the course. โ€œPractice databases have also been realized so that students do not have to use real data,โ€ says the director Den Uyl of the Police Academy.

The reason for the study was that cross-standard behavior among students would have increased: the number of studies against students rose from 18 in 2016 to 38 in 2020, which can be explained by the increase in the number of students over the same period, from 2300 to 4000.

Attention to Integrity

Sector head Lonneke Soudant of the Department of Safety, Integrity and Complaints believes that the investigation shows that the topic of integrity needs structural attention. โ€œIt is nice that the percentage of exceedence of standards among students does not increase. But in the end, we want to lower that percentage.โ€

Director Den Uyl acknowledges that. He says that in the screening and training of students, there is already a lot of attention to integrity, both in work and private life. โ€œUnfortunately, you can’t prevent everything.โ€

Soudant believes that in the field of drug use, too, students should realize that they are working in the police. โ€œA socially relatively widely accepted phenomenon such as drug use is not tolerated by the police. Those who want to work for the police must be well aware of this.โ€

Mental resilience

In 2019, 17 percent of police students dropped out prematurely. According to the researchers, mental resilience plays a role here. โ€œThe mental backpack of the average aspirant is faster and more filled in 2021 than in the last century.โ€ Performance pressure, the role of social media, tensions at home and concerns about social issues are cited as possible causes.

Attention is

paid to the selection and guidance of students and guidance of young agents.

In a response, outgoing minister Grapperhaus mentions it good that the police dares to openly raise the problems with students: โ€œInvestigate, put on the table and address them. Young policemen need to realize that they need to adjust their behavior.โ€