Police Croatia faces riddle: crying wounded woman on rock no longer knows who she is

Croatian police are looking for information about a woman who was found crying and with injuries to her face on a pointed rock in a bay near the island of Krk. She speaks โ€œperfect English,โ€ but doesnt know who she is. She is currently being treated in the hospital in mainland Croatia.

A fisherman warned police when he saw the woman sitting on the rock and couldnt get to it himself. โ€œIts very strange that she was there at all. It is an extremely inaccessible part of the bay, with terribly sharp rocks,โ€ says a resident against the news site 24Sata.

No phone and papers

The woman is six feet tall and has dark blonde hair. She wore a pink sun hat, a striped top and dark pants. The authorities have not yet succeeded in identifying her. The woman had no documents or phone with her in her find. Police have now released photos, hoping to learn more about the woman soon.