Police East Brabant blunders with mail to colleagues with PTSD

The police Oost-Brabant sent an e-mail to more than a hundred (former) policemen with PTSD in which the recipients could see each other’s e-mail address.

It was an invitation to a contact day for (former) police officers with post-traumatic stress disorder. One staff member put all names and e-mail addresses in the regular address bar of the invitation, instead of hiding them in the BCC. Shortly afterwards, an e-mail with an apology was sent to everyone. The police acknowledged and regretted the mistake.

One of the guests let Omroep Brabant know: “If I would go to such a contact day, I would know that I would meet colleagues or former colleagues. Then I choose that, but I never go. Because I don’t want people to know that I have PTSD. I’m ashamed of it.”