Police end illegal party in Brussels forest park

The police put an end to an illegal event in Brussels on Saturday because those present had no sense of the corona regulations. A few thousand people, especially young people, had responded to the invitation on Facebook to come to the La Boum 2 event.

Although the intention was to celebrate, the mood in the Cambre Forest Park was not very festive. Only a limited number gathered at the music installations and danced. Many others clumped together in groups. Most of them didnt keep a foot and a half and wore no mouthcap.

The police, according to Het Nieuwsblad with 700 men on their feet, monitored the situation remotely for a long time, including from a helicopter. With the help of a drone, visitors were asked to comply with the corona measures without much success.

Water cannon

During the afternoon the atmosphere became more grim. According to witnesses, extreme right-wing figures mixed between the partygoers. Protesters demanded “freedom.” Some brawls arose and bottles and fireworks were thrown. A water cannon drove as a warning towards the pond, where a month ago during the first edition of La Boum (Knalfuif) serious disturbances arose.

The police decided shortly after half past six to evacuate the Bois de la Cambre for “non-compliance with health measures”. For this purpose, apart from men in armor, tear gas and the water cannons were used.

Many boumers were already on their way home, several hundred stayed longer on the lawn near the water section and in the bushes. They made bonfires and continued to challenge the riot police. Destruction was caused in the area. Among other things, street furniture and traffic lights had to pay off. A number of people have been arrested.