Police: getaway car after massive explosion Rotterdam turns out stolen

The police in Rotterdam are looking for people who have seen that a blue BMW 5 series, model Sedan, has been stolen in Capelle aan den IJssel. That car was used as a getaway car on 11 January after a devastating explosion of a hand grenade in the Kronenburg in Rotterdam. After the explosion, the BMW was found burned out shortly later in Barendrecht.

The car was stolen the night of January 4th to January 5th. The owner had parked his car at his house on the Alouette Erf on 4 January around 15.00 hrs. The next day at 08.30 a.m., the owner noticed that the car was gone. The car would have departed from Capelle to Rotterdam that night around 02.15, and then stood somewhere in Rotterdam for a long time.

The explosion on the street on the night of last Sunday to Monday damaged the windows of seven homes on the Kronenburg. No one was hurt, but residents were very shocked.

CCTV showed that several people came out of the getaway car before it went up in flames. The police are still looking for these people.