Police horse attacked with blackjack in banned protest

During the forbidden demonstration of ‘Netherlands in Resistance on the Amsterdam Museumplein, a police horse was attacked with a blackjack. A suspect has been arrested for that. This confirms the Amsterdam police, who denounced the tensions that have arisen after the afternoon initially started quietly. โ€œStones were taken out of the street and thrown at cops.โ€

Images from the demonstration show that one of the activists is walking around with such a blackjack. That’s a baton with a heavy metal knob at the end, which can cause serious injury. For this reason, the weapon falls under Category I of the Weapons and Ammunition Act and it is forbidden to own, let alone to use.

The Amsterdam police report that a suspect has been arrested with a Blackjack. He attacked a police horse with it. The animal was injured, the Amsterdam police inform De Cceit if requested. With the seated rider, things go well to circumstances.


total of 115 people were arrested during the demonstration, which had been banned beforehand but still brought to their feet at least two thousand people and children. Seven of them are detained for overt assault, and the rest for disobeying an order. That last group could probably go back in about six hours, says a police spokesman Sunday night. In the confrontations with the police, several were injured. Social media shows a video of a heavily blooded man with turban around his head. He complains in the video about โ€œpure harassment of the police.โ€

Weapons Protesters and rioters

appear to have brought various weapons and other fighting equipment. Various images confirm that news. When activists refused to go home, it ended up in collisions with the ME. A water cannon was also deployed. โ€œAmong the protesters was a group of 200 to 250 people who were clearly looking for the confrontation. Stones were taken out of the street and thrown at cops. Some also had fighting gloves, impact weapons and fireworks with them,โ€ said the municipality in a statement.

Action was necessary, according to the municipality, โ€œbecause of public health, great concern about the spread of the coronavirus and a threat of public order.โ€

Earlier this week, the municipality of Amsterdam had banned the demonstration against the cabinet Rutte and the coronare rules on the Museumplein. However, the event was allowed to take place in the Westerpark. But the initiators refrain from doing so.

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