Police in countless countries eavesdropping criminals via self-sold telephones

Police have been able to listen to criminal organizations in countless countries for months after a major undercover operation. Tomorrow, an international team led by Europol will explain and explain the police action, of which several international media already know details.

Criminals bought so-called ‘cryptophones’ that were not as well encrypted as they had hoped; those devices were supplied by the police themselves, through informants and undercover agents, reports De Cceit.

Previously, the police already managed to hack various encrypted messaging services such as SkyECC and EncroChat, but in this case the police themselves managed the network in which the messages were shared. The police could not only read along, but also detectives would have seen where the phones were located. Voice shifters could be turned off remotely.

Also arrests in the Netherlands

Police forces from the United States, Australia, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands worked together on the action. Today, the operation led to hundreds of arrests in different countries, including in the Netherlands. There were raids, arrests and searches in, among others, North Brabant, Limburg and Rotterdam.

Europol calls the operation โ€œthe most advanced attempt to disrupt the activities of criminals in all parts of the worldโ€.