Police investigate property and company of missing Ichelle (29)

Police and justice will investigate the house on the Vaartstraat and the company at the Mayor Erasmusstraat of the missing Ichelle van de Velde from the Zeeland Oostburg. Ichelle‘s been missing since December 16th.

Police have no leads yet and so far have been in the dark about where the 29-year-old woman may be.

The police take into account various scenarios in the investigation, such as a voluntary disappearance. But also the possibility of a crime cannot be ruled out by the police. For this reason, all day forensic examinations are carried out in the home and company of Ichelle by specialists from the police and the Dutch Forensic Institute. A police dog is also deployed.

โ€œ There is no sign of Ichelle’s life observed by family or police. On December 14, 2020 in the evening hours, Ichelle‘s grandmother saw her for the last time,โ€ the police reported earlier in an update.

Nothing was noticed about her at that time that could indicate a voluntary disappearance. A day later, December 15, she was probably still seen in the afternoon by a well-known one on the Ledelplein in Oostburg.

Police are calling on people who may have more information about Ichelle’s disappearance to report and call the police search tip line: 0800-6070.