Police: Jacob Blake was aggressive, had a knife with him

The police union in the American city of Kenosha says that Jacob Blake, who was shot last week prior to the incident, was aggressive and carried a knife. That’s how he would have kept a cop in a main clamp.

The details are in a statement that the lawyer of the police union has brought out, in his own words to contradict the incorrect information that the lawyers of 29-year-old Blake spread themselves. They say their client was not to blame for the incident.

Power gun

According to the police, officers were called because of a caller’s report that Blake wanted to steal the car and the keys from him or her. It turned out that Blake was carrying a knife at the scene. The officers knew that he was the subject of a warrant for his arrest for sexual assault.

According to the police, the 29-year-old man did not respond to orders to drop the knife, on which the officers tried to control him with a power gun. When that failed, a scuffle ensued, in which Blake was said to have resisted by force.

The incident ended with a cop Blake shooting at close range seven times in the back. Afterwards, the justice department announced that a knife had been found in his car. It’s unclear whether it’s the same knife as in the new police statement.

The case led to riots in several American cities in the following days. Protesters see the case as evidence that the U.S. police use excessive force against black people such as Blake.


Blake is still seriously injured in a hospital. The handcuffs he’s been wearing since his admission because of the earlier arrest warrant have been removed. According to his lawyer, this was done because the judge lifted the warrant.