Police Minneapolis: Officer who shot black man, wanted to use taser

The police officer who shot 20-year-old Daunte Wright in a suburb of the American city of Minneapolis saw her gun for a taser. According to police chief Tim Gannon, her mistake led to the tragic death of the black man.

Police have made public footage of the cops bodycam:

It shows what happened after agents put Wright by the side of the road in Brooklyn Center, north of Minneapolis. Wright had committed a traffic violation, and cops found out there was a warrant for his arrest. Wright is being pushed against the side of his car. If cops want to put handcuffs on him, he unties himself and goes in the car.

A cop then pulls her firearm, calls โ€œtaserโ€ several times and fires a bullet at him. As Wright drives away, she says, โ€œI shot him.โ€ Wright comes to a halt a few blocks away and turns out to be dead.

Police Chief Gannon spoke at a press conference of a mistake. โ€œWhen I see the footage and hear the cop, I believe she was trying to use her taser on Wright. Instead, she fired a bullet,โ€ said Gannon. He doesnt want to disclose the name of the agent, but he did say she has a lot of experience.


After Wrights death, there were clashes with the police. Thats how an angry crowd gathered in front of the Brooklyn Center police station. Police cars were destroyed and stones were thrown. Cops fired rubber bullets on it. At least two people got hurt.

The atmosphere in Minneapolis is tense. The place where Wright died is about 16 kilometers from the location where George Floyd died last year after Agent Derek Chauvin had a knee on Floyds neck for minutes. Right now, the lawsuit against Chauvin is under way.